Paolo Bergamini

Paolo Bergamini

Nato a Modena

Paolo Bergamini - Formazione



Alma Graduate School - Bologna

da GENNAIO 2012 a DICEMBRE 2012


Laurea Specialistica - Ingegneria dei Materiali

Università degli Studi di Ferrara - Ferrara

da APRILE 2005 a GENNAIO 0001



MBA - Master in Business Administration

Alma Graduate School - Università di Bologna

da GENNAIO 2011 a GENNAIO 2013


Master's degree

Università degli Studi di Ferrara

da GENNAIO 2005 a GENNAIO 2009


Bachelor's degree

Università degli Studi di Ferrara

da GENNAIO 2000 a GENNAIO 2005


Diploma di maturità; Scientifica

Liceo Scientifico Morando Morandi

da GENNAIO 1994 a GENNAIO 1999


Certificate of attendance: “AIM Study day: Alloys, processes and design in aluminium foundry”


Certificate of attendance: “AIM study day: Aluminium foundry alloys hygiene”


Certificate of attendance: “12th International Summer School on Aluminium Alloy Technology: light alloy castings, from innovative design to advanced applications”

Paolo Bergamini - Esperienze


Project manager presso Shell Casting S.r.l.

Imola da LUGLIO 2012



Project manager & product development presso Shell Casting (Tazzari Group - Foundry division)

da LUGLIO 2012

Product and process development responsibility. Customer relations development. Project management: planning, control, timing and costing within automotive projects. Competitor benchmarking and customer targeting. Business Program Management (processes and plant layout, projects and related investment analysis). DFM study and collaboration in customers design process & feasibility study. Problem Solving & P-FMEA implementation. Monitoring quality trend, cycle time and associated costs for products manufactured on a large scale (> 500,000 pcs / year). Analysis of variances from standard cost. and bought materials. Implementation of optimized management procedures (suppliers rolling schedule, shipments and inventories)


Process and Products Quality manager presso Fonderia Scacchetti L.L. S.r.l.

da MAGGIO 2010 a GIUGNO 2012

Materials analysis and control on the production lines. Development of analytical procedures and determination of technology tolerance limits. Finding solutions to product quality improvement. Collaboration in the impact analysis of process solutions on quality and costs. Non-standard alloys development. Analysis for new projects: from "development" till the SOP. "Time-plan" collaboration for major projects. Creation and implementation of action-plan for critical products and quality/process issues. Creation and maintenance of qualification process for key suppliers; continuous improvement applying statistical analysis. Relevant contact "technology - quality - process" for the main Italian and foreign customers as McLaren Automotive Ltd., ThyssenKrupp SE, Pierburg GmbH, Ducati MH, Audi, Automobili Lamborghini.


Sales development presso Fonderia Scacchetti L.L. S.r.l.

da NOVEMBRE 2009 a GIUGNO 2012

Function covered as project leader for the main Italian customer. Commercial offers formulation and budgeting activities. Purchase and sale of foundry equipment for prototype and series production. Technical support in evaluations and co-design activities concerning product feasibility. Supply chain management within projects using project management traditional tools. Support in production planning.


R&D Engineer - New product development presso Giuliani Anello S.r.l.

da APRILE 2007 a SETTEMBRE 2007

Solutions to assembly problems and rationalization of product family and its components. Study of innovative models to optimize costs and assembly processes; use of typical project management tools.


Prototype technician presso Fonderia Scacchetti L.L. S.r.l.

da AGOSTO 2004 a FEBBRAIO 2005

Management and processing functional prototypes, 3D models, foundry tools, customer support during tools design.

Paolo Bergamini - Competenze professionali

  • Sales Support
  • Purchasing
  • Project Management
  • Aluminium Alloys Casting
  • Metallurgy
  • Quality
  • Foundry processes
  • Die Casting
  • Casting
  • Machining
  • Logistics
  • Problem Solving
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Service
  • Microsoft Office
  • Automotive Products
  • Supply Management
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Program Management
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Investments analysis
  • Cost Engineering