Max Guadagnoli - Formazione



University of Perugia

da GENNAIO 1984 a GENNAIO 1994


high school

IPSA Rieti

da GENNAIO 1979 a GENNAIO 1984

Max Guadagnoli - Esperienze


Administrator presso Un-Official BranchOut group/Italy

da OTTOBRE 2011

Just for Italian community: BranchOut è la potente applicazione di ricerca del lavoro integrata su Facebook! Come accelerare la carriera utilizzando BranchOut: Nell'economia di oggi ci sono due vantaggi competitivi che dobbiamo avere. Il primo è una presenza attiva On Line e il secondo è un buon livello "social" in funzione della nostra carriera. Con "sociale" intendiamo rapporti reali, la vostra famiglia e gli amici su Facebook, vecchi colleghi, persone efficaci all'interno del nostro network personale. BranchOut fornisce un modo che è al 100% sicuro e professionale :-) BranchOut è il nostro Profilo Professionale su Facebook e ci permette di espandere il network professionale attraverso la cerchia di amici. Milioni di opportunità di lavoro in Italia e nel mondo, interfaccia per lo smartphone, strumenti business per le aziende e per i recruiter delle risorse umane, Cosa si può volere di più? Entrate nel gruppo e saremo lieti di presentarvi la piattaforma BranchOut, avremo il nostro account personale immediatamente e con pochi click! BranchOut è semplice, senza costi, rapido ed efficace!...Cerchiamo di essere proattivi!


Administrator presso Un-Official BranchOut group

da MAGGIO 2011 TOP OPPORTUNITIES AT TOP COMPANIES - The Un-Official BranchOut group is worldwide proactive to support the BranchOutApp is your Professional Profile on Facebook to expand your career network through your circle of friends on Facebook. Millions of Job Opportunities worldwide. Just join the group and we'll be happy to present you the BranchOut platform and help you to have your personal account immediately! BranchOut is absolutely user friendly, no fee, quick and effective! What's else? Be proactive for your life!


Administrator/Owner/Founder/Marketing Manager presso Big Block - Original Muscle Car

da MAGGIO 2010 Big Block, Small Block, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Mopar and more....maniacs! Mission: Just be enthusiastic and make happy our fans!!!


Administrator/Owner/Founder/Marketing Manager presso Your Travel Assistants in Italy

da GENNAIO 2010

Everything you need to know to travel in Italy! Please post your queries in here :) Mission: A personal travel assistant is a person whose main goal is to facilitate travel arrangements for companies or individuals. Since a personal travel assistant must be able to book flights, conferences, and hotel accommodations, this position is one that often comes with a fair amount of stress. Company profile: Everything you need to know to travel in Italy: Rightly considered one of the world’s most iconic travel destinations, Italy manages to be many things – a vision of golden countryside, a mass of seething cityscapes, a repository for ancient culture, a mecca for fashion – whilst never being anything less than resolutely Italian. Its many faces are a big part of its appeal. From the scooter-honk of Naples to the bosomy hills of Tuscany, and from the Renaissance splendour of Florence to the football crowds of Turin, it’s somewhere that draws you in repeatedly. Trying to take the country in on one trip is akin to settling down to read an entire library – far better to concentrate on one or two of its numberless highlights and immerse yourself in the mix of hospitality, style and volatility that makes Italy so intoxicating. Oh, and did we mention the food? informations: Description: Full assistance from your pick up to the departure are the strengths of our business. You will be introduced to an effective program saving your time and your money. What we expect is to be able to maximize your time and your budget. Ancillary optional services are the real surprise!


CMO/Senior Accounting Manager presso KICK AGENCY

da MARZO 2001

#Event #Management, #Marketing 3.0, #Web 3.0 "Before your next step, stop for a while, take a breath and drop us a call"! KICK: "A full service provider, a "garage company" in vein to branchin'out! The Art of Consultancy and a very strong proactivity are the Kick Agency (aka Kick srl) most relevant power points. We stay closer our clients, business partners and consumers till the final goal, step by step during the entire business trial. KICK is a totally "customer centric" firm, acting in one of the weird marketplace in Europe: Italy" @kickagency Fields of Activity: ►MARKETING ►BRAND AWARENESS ►WEB 3.0 ►EVENT MANAGEMENT


Founder/CEO/ Marketing Manager presso GANESH MANAGEMENT Ltd.

da NOVEMBRE 2005 a LUGLIO 2012

Company Name: GANESH MANAGEMENT Ltd. Fields of Activity: ►MARKETING ►INTEGRATED MARKETING COMUNICATION ►PROMOTION ►MANAGEMENT CONSULTING ►PROBLEM SOLVING ►SPONSORSHIP ►MANAGEMENT GANESH MANAGEMENT Ltd. offered tools: ►Marketing Plan ►Business Plan ►Web Marketing Plan ►Sponsorship Plan ►Promotion (multichannel platform) ►Cash Flow Projections (Analysis of cash flows) ►Global Marketing & Consulting Management On-site or online Brand: ★ Ganesh Management Ltd. Sub brand: ★ Ganesh Management Ltd. - Gadget galore! (Corporate merchandise, gadget & gifts) ★ ★


Founder/CEO presso Cryptic Noize Network (Cnoize)

da MARZO 1994 a LUGLIO 2012

2011 - 2012 ►Promotional Merchandise Manager and Strategic Business/Marketing Consultant. 1994 - 2011 ►Entrepreneur ►Founder of Cryptic Noize Network ►Band Manager ►National/internationalTour Manager ►National Booking Manager ►Distribution Manager ►Marketing Manager ►Promotional Manager ►Stage Manager ►Road Manager ►Soundman ►Executive Producer ►Artistic Producer ►Merchandiser ►Sale Manager ►Venue Manager ►Gig Manager Over 700 live music live performances produced 55 Theatrical performances as Music and Audio consultant 20.000 self produced record copies distribuited worldwide 25.000 imported record copies sold worldwide 2 Rock Venues managed over 60 national/international tournee managed 1 magazine edited and pubblished 5 CD's self produced 5 7" vinyls self produced Consulting agreement with University of Rome "La Sapienza" - Art & Performance Science Department


President presso Cultural Association BOTTEGA DEI RUMORI

da AGOSTO 2000 a APRILE 2003

NO PROFIT organization involved in cultural events, social support, entertainment, educational.

Max Guadagnoli - Competenze professionali

  • Online Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Communication
  • Social Networking
  • Personal Branding
  • Event Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Promotional Design
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online Branding
  • Social Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Online Communities
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  • Viral Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Marketing
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