Alessandro Serra

Alessandro Serra

Nato il 05 marzo 1974 a torino
torino - italia

Alessandro Serra - Formazione



SDA Bocconi

da GENNAIO 2006 a GENNAIO 2007



Cadence @ University of California, Berkeley

da GENNAIO 2000 a GENNAIO 2001


MSC Equivalent

Politecnico di Torino

da GENNAIO 1994 a GENNAIO 2001



Istituto internazionale Edoardo Agnelli, Torino

da GENNAIO 1989 a GENNAIO 1994

Alessandro Serra - Esperienze


agco corporation gmbh


Dealer and Distributors Inventory Manager, Parts, EAME presso AGCO International GmbH

da GENNAIO 2012


Parts and Service Europe Dealer Network Development Manager presso CNH Italia

da NOVEMBRE 2010 a NOVEMBRE 2011

main focus on: Increase the performance of the Salesman Channel: Driving the market penetration result thru the salesman activity. Ensure gross sales and Margin performance. Reshape of the distribution network: major market analysis to assure full potential coverage.


Dealer Standards and Project manager presso CNH Italia


for Europe and North America for the four CNH's Brands, with main focus on: New Corporate Identity project: New corporate identity to be applied to the entire network of the 4 brands in Europe and North America. Transforming the requirements from the logo designers into physical installation of a Pilot site first, and deployment to the entire network on a mass production/installation basis. Dealer standard project: Consolidation of the eight actual qualitative dealer standard programs, into a non contractual set of requirements to deploy on the markets. Launch of a web-based monitoring tool to assess the progress/alignment to the plans. Commercial Methods and Systems (since January 2009): Common Dealer database for all the brands, Business analysis tool set up and roll out of dealer standard monitor tool.


Commercial Methods and Systems Manager presso Iveco France

da GENNAIO 2007 a AGOSTO 2007

Main focus: KPI's Monitoring System Set Up: Automatic data flow set up in order to keep under control the performances of the distribution network either in terms of commercial results and level of quality. Customer satisfaction index management: Periodical update and action plan to the field commercial and service team tuned on the monthly results of the CSI assessment of the dealers. New product pre-launch market analysis: market scenario analysis and volumes setting for the launch of a new vehicle jointly with Fiat Automobile Group. Commercial policy design and follow up: dealer objectives settings, gap analysis, remuneration primes and performance evaluation Real estate asset management: dismissing of old facilities, management and running of dealer of property buildings


Dealer Network development and Project Manager presso Iveco

da APRILE 2004 a DICEMBRE 2006

- Far East Network retail format and JV's set up: jointly with the Business Development Team design of the Retail format for the production and distribution format in China with local companies already specialized in the country. High level view on the activities form the format design to the dealer network assessment, due diligence and rationalization plan. Network assessment and business development plan for South Korean JV between Iveco and LG International. - Salesman Productivity Improvement Projec for France, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe countries. I travel half of my time meeting with dealer network in order to analyze the commercial performances and advice the management on how to improve salesman productivity through both a revision and redesign of the sales and Marketing process and a better tuning of the remuneration systems. This activity give me a deep knowledge of sales & marketing process in the automotive distribution network as well as a strong and proven skill on design of a commercial policy that translate to the sales force exactly the dealership targets. - Dealer Network Development Plan: Based on the area's potential calculation I have been asked to develop and implement the Network development plan for distribution of vehicles and services in both in Algeria and Turkey. - Technical Project: related also with an extensive knowledge and personal interest on the computer world and new technologies I have been ask to follow the development of a few geo-localization web based projects with a good level of complexity due to the number of different providers (maps provider, software house, IT and several internal customers).


Project Manager presso Iveco Pegaso s.l.

da OTTOBRE 2002 a APRILE 2004

since the very first day, as the Asset Manager Assistant, I was involved (mainly as an observer, of course) in all the decision making process of the company. I was participating weekly to the steering board in which the board of directors uses to analyze the performances and stock figures, outline the commercial campaigns, discuss the strategy and, most important and training thing, deal with the day by day market management problems. I think I have really learned a lot form this Company's rituals. This training aspect was just a side my work on the network in close team work with the BDMs (Business Development Managers) of the Market. I developed the informative support for the New Block Exemption Regulation's Qualitative Standard Dealers auto-assessment and I traveled all around Spain in order to install and train the dealers on how to use it and the concepts of the New BER.


Management Trainee presso Fiat Gra.De. EEIG, London, UK

da GENNAIO 2001 a GENNAIO 2004


Visiting consultant engineer presso Cadence Design Systems

da MAGGIO 2001 a DICEMBRE 2001

Technical consulting activity based on the job delivered for my thesis internship.


Software development project manager presso Cadence Design Systems

da GENNAIO 2000 a GENNAIO 2001

Alessandro Serra - Competenze professionali

  • Scuba Diving
  • Geomarketing
  • Automotive
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cross-functional Team Leadership
  • Vehicles
  • Business Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Process Improvement
  • Continuous Improvement