Giuseppe Mondello

Giuseppe Mondello

Nato il 06 marzo 1975 a Milano
Milano - Italia

Giuseppe Mondello - Esperienze


Marketing & Sales Manager presso SYDEMA Srl

da FEBBRAIO 2010

Marketing and Sales Manager for Sydema. Interviews, marketing research, workgroup discussions, product development for Sydema. Sydema's apps are created for Credit and Asset Management industry. Efficiens is the workstation dedicated to fund managers, banks, marketing offices and the analysts of asset management. Efficiens workstation offers a series of tools for portfolio creation, fund selection and style analysis. Marketing Research


Marketing & Relationship Manager presso Asset Management & Investments

da LUGLIO 2009

Relationship Management - Dialog with Institutional Clients as Foundations, Banks, Asset Managers looking solutions for treasury and asset management area. Events - Collaboration with the project of “Assogestioni”, a convention dedicated to the Asset Management industry. - Collaboration with the Italian CFA Society.


Consultant & Sales presso GE Energia

da GENNAIO 2010 a LUGLIO 2011

Establish a well-managed and growing relationship with Corporate and Retail Clients to drive yearly revenue targets in the renewable market. Also, assist reseller partners to extend their reach and increase sales.


Marketing & Sales presso Ambrosetti Asset Management SIM

da OTTOBRE 2008 a LUGLIO 2009

I worked with Institutional Clients such as Foundations, Banks, Asset Managers and Insurance Brokers. My focus was oriented to sales-marketing and relationship management in order to allowed and facilitate the dialogue between Markets Area and Clients.


Marketing & Sales presso Diaman


I worked with institutional clients in Italy and in Switzerland. My daily work was focused on sales-marketing and effective communication for brand affirmation. My role was directed towards the distribution of services and products for Banks, Asset Managers and Financial Advisors. In October 2005 I've organized the “Quantitative Asset Management Workshop,” a meeting at the Milan Stock Exchange for institutional operators: its organization, fund raising and follow-up was my responsibility.


Marketing & Sales presso Twice Sim


I followed the development of Trading Rooms in Milano and Treviso (Venice Area). My daily work was focused to seek Clients, TOL platform users and to fidelize the old Clients. In quality of Trading Room Manager, I had to think and work for the birth and growth of the T. Room. In this role I developed commercial and marketing experience (mailing, creations of events, communication).


Sales presso Eptasim

da APRILE 2000 a SETTEMBRE 2003

Starting as Financial Advisor I worked in Epta Sim as speaker for meeting of Technical Analysis and Platform Demo. My work was to bring new Clients and to give financial advice for the best Clients (High level Traders, Scalpers). In 2002 in the Trading on line team I could work as collaborator of the marketing area for events creation (Master of Scalping, Road show, events).

Giuseppe Mondello - Competenze professionali

  • Banking
  • Financial Markets
  • Portfolio Management
  • Asset Management
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Event Management
  • Credit
  • Sales Management