Alessandro Maschio

Alessandro Maschio

Nato il 07 ottobre 1982

Alessandro Maschio - Formazione



Università degli Studi di Torino

da GENNAIO 2001 a GENNAIO 2007

Alessandro Maschio - Esperienze


Feature Planning presso Fiat Group

da NOVEMBRE 2012

Support in new product feature planning system launch WorldProductCatalogue (to go live at end of 2013) and today system management Egrip. Support in mangement of FGA engine portfolio planning. Management of integration between Product feature planning and Engine portfolio planning. Constant support to the team in market, product and in benchmark analysis


Russia Program Management presso Fiat Group

da MARZO 2012 a OTTOBRE 2012


Business Development Specialist presso Fiat Group

da GIUGNO 2011 a MARZO 2012

Market Analysis on China area; Preparation and support for the negotiation of Engineering Services Agreements and related Manufacturing Engineering Support for the location of the licensed products, Product Support Engineering at the location. Coordinating cross-functional teams in support non-captive customers Three weeks at the headquarters of Jiading (Shanghai) for support and alignment with the BD local team


Product Portfolio Management specialist presso Fiat Powertrain Technologies

da OTTOBRE 2009 a AGOSTO 2011

Management of FPT portfolio plan according to captive customers requirements, in terms of production volumes, production timing, and production allocation. Capacity vs Demand Analysis, Engines applications roll-out. Continous support to Finance and Engine Platforms with production volumes forecast


Strategic Marketing Specialist presso Fiat Powertrain Technologies

da APRILE 2008 a AGOSTO 2010

Market analysis in European and World wide perspective, focus on China market; definition of benchmarking plan Updating of the product portfolio in constant alignment with the engine platforms Regular reporting on registrations Participation in international exhibitions in optical analysis of competition


Workshop development presso Iveco

da FEBBRAIO 2008 a APRILE 2008

Analysis of geographical distribution of Truck and Bus Service Points for coverage and traffic flows Defining quality standards for dealers and authorized Workshops


Internship Marketing presso Valeo Service


Operational Marketing: Product Management (mostly for lighting product lines and car windows), the definition of sale price, pricing and promotional activities by SAP Competition analysis and product database management Promotional campaigns and marketing reports Ongoing relationship with customers, vendors, suppliers, and international divisions

Alessandro Maschio - Competenze professionali

  • Market Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • New Business Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Problem Solving
  • Product Management